Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

I really don't like writting bad reviews , I mean the author must have gone through a lot of hardwork and it won't be nice. But this...

I cannot believe I wasted four hours of my life reading this.This is literally the worst book I've read so far.

The idea of fallen angels did not appeal to me , but I wanted to read something different. Plus the cover was awesome!!Well the old saying is right..

so here are my problems with the book:
1) Characters:
Nora- she was one dimensional,annoying,selfish and just plain stupid. For a good book , you need a strong MC. I'm not saying she/he should be perfect(now that would be soo boring!) but the MC should have some quality that should appeal to the reader.

I was hoping its gonna get better so I kept reading. Maybe its the kind of book where the character changes and becomes better. But there was no character development,not just nora but all the other characters.
Oh! did I mention she is stupid ? I don't feel anyone would make the choices she made,sometimes it doesn't make sense at all...
a)if a stranger knows personal details about me (like my ambitions, hobbies etc), I would be suspicious and won't trust them until I know what the deal is. But Nora? she goes to meet patch at bo's arcade( which I don't think was the kind of place to go alone.) alone!!! and she doesn't tell anyone where is going! and for what ? a assignment!

b)when she reaches the arcade, she starts rambling. I don't understand the need for most of the conversation there(and throughout the book).

c)"I saw you at the library." I was careful to keep my pencil gliding over my quiz, seemingly hard at work.
"The highlight of my night."
"Were you following me?"
He tipped his head back and laughed softly.
I tried a new angle. "What were you doing there?"
she is asking this the second after she met him. really?

I could point out more but I'm too lazy to look for it again.
Nora was in love with patch. but the only reason I can find is he is hot. she doesn't know anything about him! i mean that is so shallow!

Patch- i didn't like him because there was nothing to like. The only thing I know is he looks like a model because that the only thing nora talks about. Is he kind? strong? smart? I don't know.

2) writing: I still don't know what the characters look like . The author's description of the characters, the backgroung and what's happening is vague.

3)plot: there wasn't much story.Nothing much happened. I don't know,I didn't really get excited and the sad thing is so much could have been done with the storyline.
So, this is the end of my review.So if you're planning to read it,go ahead.I've read some really bad reviews about some books and they turned out to be amazing.

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