Incarnate - Jodi Meadows

Incarnate had a new, different and refreshing concept: souls are reincarnated over and over, with their memories intact. The basic plot seemed so cool. And then there was the cover.

That was one amazing cover!!!! But it did not quite reach my expectation.
I guess its meadow’s writing that kept me going. She manages to create an air of mystery and I wanted to know more about this utopian society. It felt mystical.

The story was quite serious/ solemn with a few jokes here and there (not really laugh worthy).
It was unique, souls reincarnated, their memories intact. So you find babies talking and a 10 year old boy talking about how he killed a tiger(or something) when he was just 20.
Before I go on , I need to say this: the memories intact thing seriously creeped me out.
These souls (who are reincarnated) are different genders in different lifetimes and one can be a mother /father/wife/husband in different lifetimes. Ana borrowed Sam’s clothes from when he was a girl. It is bizarre.

Glad I got all that out.
So now to the story,

“Who am I?
No one, she said. No soul”

Ana is a new soul who has replaced the soul of ciana. No one knows why this has happened and many blame Ana (including her own mother, sad right?). Ana sets out to the heart (the main town where the council who decides matters resides) to find out who she is. I really sympathised with ana. She was a ‘butterfly’. No one knew whether she will be there tomorrow, whether she will be reincarnated. I loved this plot. A girl who sets out to find her identity.I was so excited.

But then comes along Sam and …….. its sam,sam,sam. It’s like Ana forgets why she came to the heart in the first place. Yes, the romance was cute, sweet and Sam was a nice guy and all, but the story focused too much on it.

This was where I was disappointed. Where was the adventure? The revelations? All Ana does is play the piano with Sam. Honestly, I got a bit bored. The only time I got excited was towards the end.
The world-building was quite good. But I needed to know more about how the society works.

The plot was slow-paced but the ending was really great. I loved why and how Ana was a new soul . I almost got all my answers and left me wanting for more.
I really want to read asunder because I really like where this story is going and hopefully it would be better.

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