Existence - Abbi Glines

I couldn't bring myself to finish this.Throughout the few chapters I read I was like..

The first thing I did not like was the MC. Pagan was needy.After a few days( or weeks) she was like " I missed his voice filling my room with warmth. I didn’t want him to leave me. The fear that he was gone hurt so much it constricted my airways. The blond soul that had frightened me no longer seemed important. The absence of Dank made my chest ache. I couldn’t take the silence anymore so I began to sing softly in the darkness."

Is it like a trend or something? boy saves girl and insta love!
And death plays in a band and flirts. I couldn't wrap my head around that.The songs were also pretty lame.
After the some dialouges like the one mentioned above i stopped reading.

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