House of Cards - Sudha Murty

This is one of the books that touched my heart.

I loved the writing style. I felt like I was sitting under a banyan tree in an old Indian village and listening to my grandma tell a story.The writing was simple but had depth.
I can't help but think this is not just the story of mridula, but hundreds of women across India.
House of cards shows reality, how people really are- no sugar coatings.

It starts with mridula falling in love - which is really sweet,then the problems they face and how success changes you.
The thing that strikes me was the reality of the characters.They are people who you meet everyday.How the characters developed through the book was also amazing:
Mridula:- She is the perfect,patient,kind,forgiving,helpful person.Perfect characters usually gets on my nerves,but it did not in this case.She changed from naive to someone who had the courage to leave her husband.
Sanjay:- changes from a honest,good doctor who wants to help people to someone who becomes obsessed with money.He is the type of character you love at first but becomes revolting.
The story was amazing and was not dragging. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a realistic book
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