The Withches - Roald Dahl

The witches by Roald Dahl is a laugh riot. I couldn't keep it down and the illustrations were funny too.

The ideas in the book ,For example,where an alarm clock is used so that the children would turn at a specific time should be ridiculous. But when Roald writes it,it suddenly makes sense.


A 7 year old discovers witches are real and he and his grandma try to get rid of them. It isn't a nail-biting,'OMG! what will happen next?' kind of story.Still,its engaging.

Boy: a 7 year old who lives with his grandmother in Norway. I felt he was awfully brave for a 7 year old.He doesn't mind being a mouse,which is really strange but roald's writing doesn't make it seem so sad.


A tough old bird. She used to hunt witches in her prime years. I felt she was a weird grandmother,telling her grandson that witches were real and all.

The Grand High Witch: The most powerful of all witches.

I found her creepy and quite revolting. She is your typical villain who turns children into rats.

Roald's clever play with words makes it impossible to put down. His writing is entertaining and fun. He is the world's best storyteller!!

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