Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

I first read twilight when I was 12(about 4 years back) and I loved it! If my 12 year old self was writing this, she might have given this 5 stars.

The other day I saw the movie [I hate the movie]. I thought, hey the book is so much better! And it has been a long time since I last read it [about 2 years]. So when I started reading, I was shocked! I couldn't get past the 15th page or so [and I skimmed through most of it]. I got so bored!
1) Plot: The story was about a human falling for a vampire. I wanted some serious drama: maybe a curse or something? The only serious thing that happens is James kidnapping Bella. And why? because Edward defended her. After 2 years of reading incredible fantasy, I found this kind of lame. I don’t know, I wanted more action like in the iron fey series. Come on, its vampires!!
I wish there was more to the story than just love. The story is also very slow. It only picks up pace after 250 pages or so.
a) Bella:
Cons- If I have to like a book, have to like the MC. I just didn't like Bella. She wasn't realistic. There was no charisma. She was like a robot. Or zombie. Or both. All she does is brush her teeth, go to school, study, do laundry, cook and sleep.

Certain characters like Mike, Eric, and Taylor were there to make Bella look more desirable. I didn't really like that. I don’t understand why she falls for Edward. I know he looks good, is charming and all but love is a strong word.
The main reason I didn't like Bella was because she is always dependant on Edward and it’s like she can’t make decisions on her own.

Pros- I can’t really think of any pros. There was only relief that she didn't act like some MCs I hate. I was glad she didn't stalk Edward (like Nora in hush hush). She wasn't like “OMG! I need you! I can’t live without you! “within the first week she met Edward[ like in existence]. So plus points for that. But she is definitely not my favourite MC.
b) Edward:
Pros- He doesn't act like a jerk. Edward doesn't insult/humiliate Bella and then go say I love you the next minute. For being undead, he has more emotions than (than Bella). I didn't like Edward but after reading midnight sun, he doesn't seem so bad.
Cons- He is so controlling! Edward just orders Bella around. Plus he stalks Bella and watches her sleep!! that is creepy!

I don’t know how I feel about Edward. When I read twilight, I didn't like him. But after reading midnight sun, I like him and kinda feel sorry for him. I am conflicted.
Other characters- I loved all the characters except the main two. My favourite was Alice. I loved her. Wish she was the MC.
3) Writing: The writing style was good. The dialogues were nice, not too cheesy and not too bland.
Overall it was an OK book. I've read worse.

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