Being a Book Nerd

Being a Book Nerd

I love reading books. They are my life. One might even call them an obsession. I love reading new books and browsing for more.

4 Stars
Insanity - Cameron Jace
This book drove me insane. And the ending? What the damn hell???
Full review to come.
3 Stars
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer  - Michelle Hodkin
3.5 stars.Almost tempted to give 4
1 Stars
Forever Mine
Forever Mine  - Elizabeth Reyes
Stupidest book I've ever read.Arrgh!!
4 Stars
Clockwise - Elle Strauss
I don't know but I really really liked it!!
Full review to come!
3 Stars
Incarnate - Jodi Meadows

Incarnate had a new, different and refreshing concept: souls are reincarnated over and over, with their memories intact. The basic plot seemed so cool. And then there was the cover.

That was one amazing cover!!!! But it did not quite reach my expectation.
I guess its meadow’s writing that kept me going. She manages to create an air of mystery and I wanted to know more about this utopian society. It felt mystical.

The story was quite serious/ solemn with a few jokes here and there (not really laugh worthy).
It was unique, souls reincarnated, their memories intact. So you find babies talking and a 10 year old boy talking about how he killed a tiger(or something) when he was just 20.
Before I go on , I need to say this: the memories intact thing seriously creeped me out.
These souls (who are reincarnated) are different genders in different lifetimes and one can be a mother /father/wife/husband in different lifetimes. Ana borrowed Sam’s clothes from when he was a girl. It is bizarre.

Glad I got all that out.
So now to the story,

“Who am I?
No one, she said. No soul”

Ana is a new soul who has replaced the soul of ciana. No one knows why this has happened and many blame Ana (including her own mother, sad right?). Ana sets out to the heart (the main town where the council who decides matters resides) to find out who she is. I really sympathised with ana. She was a ‘butterfly’. No one knew whether she will be there tomorrow, whether she will be reincarnated. I loved this plot. A girl who sets out to find her identity.I was so excited.

But then comes along Sam and …….. its sam,sam,sam. It’s like Ana forgets why she came to the heart in the first place. Yes, the romance was cute, sweet and Sam was a nice guy and all, but the story focused too much on it.

This was where I was disappointed. Where was the adventure? The revelations? All Ana does is play the piano with Sam. Honestly, I got a bit bored. The only time I got excited was towards the end.
The world-building was quite good. But I needed to know more about how the society works.

The plot was slow-paced but the ending was really great. I loved why and how Ana was a new soul . I almost got all my answers and left me wanting for more.
I really want to read asunder because I really like where this story is going and hopefully it would be better.

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2 Stars
Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer

I first read twilight when I was 12(about 4 years back) and I loved it! If my 12 year old self was writing this, she might have given this 5 stars.

The other day I saw the movie [I hate the movie]. I thought, hey the book is so much better! And it has been a long time since I last read it [about 2 years]. So when I started reading, I was shocked! I couldn't get past the 15th page or so [and I skimmed through most of it]. I got so bored!
1) Plot: The story was about a human falling for a vampire. I wanted some serious drama: maybe a curse or something? The only serious thing that happens is James kidnapping Bella. And why? because Edward defended her. After 2 years of reading incredible fantasy, I found this kind of lame. I don’t know, I wanted more action like in the iron fey series. Come on, its vampires!!
I wish there was more to the story than just love. The story is also very slow. It only picks up pace after 250 pages or so.
a) Bella:
Cons- If I have to like a book, have to like the MC. I just didn't like Bella. She wasn't realistic. There was no charisma. She was like a robot. Or zombie. Or both. All she does is brush her teeth, go to school, study, do laundry, cook and sleep.

Certain characters like Mike, Eric, and Taylor were there to make Bella look more desirable. I didn't really like that. I don’t understand why she falls for Edward. I know he looks good, is charming and all but love is a strong word.
The main reason I didn't like Bella was because she is always dependant on Edward and it’s like she can’t make decisions on her own.

Pros- I can’t really think of any pros. There was only relief that she didn't act like some MCs I hate. I was glad she didn't stalk Edward (like Nora in hush hush). She wasn't like “OMG! I need you! I can’t live without you! “within the first week she met Edward[ like in existence]. So plus points for that. But she is definitely not my favourite MC.
b) Edward:
Pros- He doesn't act like a jerk. Edward doesn't insult/humiliate Bella and then go say I love you the next minute. For being undead, he has more emotions than (than Bella). I didn't like Edward but after reading midnight sun, he doesn't seem so bad.
Cons- He is so controlling! Edward just orders Bella around. Plus he stalks Bella and watches her sleep!! that is creepy!

I don’t know how I feel about Edward. When I read twilight, I didn't like him. But after reading midnight sun, I like him and kinda feel sorry for him. I am conflicted.
Other characters- I loved all the characters except the main two. My favourite was Alice. I loved her. Wish she was the MC.
3) Writing: The writing style was good. The dialogues were nice, not too cheesy and not too bland.
Overall it was an OK book. I've read worse.

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5 Stars
The Withches
The Withches - Roald Dahl

The witches by Roald Dahl is a laugh riot. I couldn't keep it down and the illustrations were funny too.

The ideas in the book ,For example,where an alarm clock is used so that the children would turn at a specific time should be ridiculous. But when Roald writes it,it suddenly makes sense.


A 7 year old discovers witches are real and he and his grandma try to get rid of them. It isn't a nail-biting,'OMG! what will happen next?' kind of story.Still,its engaging.

Boy: a 7 year old who lives with his grandmother in Norway. I felt he was awfully brave for a 7 year old.He doesn't mind being a mouse,which is really strange but roald's writing doesn't make it seem so sad.


A tough old bird. She used to hunt witches in her prime years. I felt she was a weird grandmother,telling her grandson that witches were real and all.

The Grand High Witch: The most powerful of all witches.

I found her creepy and quite revolting. She is your typical villain who turns children into rats.

Roald's clever play with words makes it impossible to put down. His writing is entertaining and fun. He is the world's best storyteller!!

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1 Stars
Existence - Abbi Glines

I couldn't bring myself to finish this.Throughout the few chapters I read I was like..

The first thing I did not like was the MC. Pagan was needy.After a few days( or weeks) she was like " I missed his voice filling my room with warmth. I didn’t want him to leave me. The fear that he was gone hurt so much it constricted my airways. The blond soul that had frightened me no longer seemed important. The absence of Dank made my chest ache. I couldn’t take the silence anymore so I began to sing softly in the darkness."

Is it like a trend or something? boy saves girl and insta love!
And death plays in a band and flirts. I couldn't wrap my head around that.The songs were also pretty lame.
After the some dialouges like the one mentioned above i stopped reading.

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1 Stars
Hush, Hush
Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

I really don't like writting bad reviews , I mean the author must have gone through a lot of hardwork and it won't be nice. But this...

I cannot believe I wasted four hours of my life reading this.This is literally the worst book I've read so far.

The idea of fallen angels did not appeal to me , but I wanted to read something different. Plus the cover was awesome!!Well the old saying is right..

so here are my problems with the book:
1) Characters:
Nora- she was one dimensional,annoying,selfish and just plain stupid. For a good book , you need a strong MC. I'm not saying she/he should be perfect(now that would be soo boring!) but the MC should have some quality that should appeal to the reader.

I was hoping its gonna get better so I kept reading. Maybe its the kind of book where the character changes and becomes better. But there was no character development,not just nora but all the other characters.
Oh! did I mention she is stupid ? I don't feel anyone would make the choices she made,sometimes it doesn't make sense at all...
a)if a stranger knows personal details about me (like my ambitions, hobbies etc), I would be suspicious and won't trust them until I know what the deal is. But Nora? she goes to meet patch at bo's arcade( which I don't think was the kind of place to go alone.) alone!!! and she doesn't tell anyone where is going! and for what ? a assignment!

b)when she reaches the arcade, she starts rambling. I don't understand the need for most of the conversation there(and throughout the book).

c)"I saw you at the library." I was careful to keep my pencil gliding over my quiz, seemingly hard at work.
"The highlight of my night."
"Were you following me?"
He tipped his head back and laughed softly.
I tried a new angle. "What were you doing there?"
she is asking this the second after she met him. really?

I could point out more but I'm too lazy to look for it again.
Nora was in love with patch. but the only reason I can find is he is hot. she doesn't know anything about him! i mean that is so shallow!

Patch- i didn't like him because there was nothing to like. The only thing I know is he looks like a model because that the only thing nora talks about. Is he kind? strong? smart? I don't know.

2) writing: I still don't know what the characters look like . The author's description of the characters, the backgroung and what's happening is vague.

3)plot: there wasn't much story.Nothing much happened. I don't know,I didn't really get excited and the sad thing is so much could have been done with the storyline.
So, this is the end of my review.So if you're planning to read it,go ahead.I've read some really bad reviews about some books and they turned out to be amazing.

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2 Stars
The Alchemist
The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
I picked this book because its very famous and supposed to have changed many people's lives.

I didn't really like the alchemist, I couldn't even finish it. I know the main essence of the book gets lost in translation but I didn't understand the purpose of some scenes and I felt it was dragging at some points.
The main story is about a shepherd who decides to seek his fortune elsewhere and how how earns it.
The pace was really slow and oncee I almost feel asleep. Maybe its because 'The alchemist' is for ann older audience.( Im 15).

I felt as if I was reading a philosophical book and I got bored .I usually finish a book within a day but this one,I could only read 2 pages at a time.
bottom-line:- didn't understand what was the big deal about this book.
5 Stars
House of Cards
House of Cards - Sudha Murty

This is one of the books that touched my heart.

I loved the writing style. I felt like I was sitting under a banyan tree in an old Indian village and listening to my grandma tell a story.The writing was simple but had depth.
I can't help but think this is not just the story of mridula, but hundreds of women across India.
House of cards shows reality, how people really are- no sugar coatings.

It starts with mridula falling in love - which is really sweet,then the problems they face and how success changes you.
The thing that strikes me was the reality of the characters.They are people who you meet everyday.How the characters developed through the book was also amazing:
Mridula:- She is the perfect,patient,kind,forgiving,helpful person.Perfect characters usually gets on my nerves,but it did not in this case.She changed from naive to someone who had the courage to leave her husband.
Sanjay:- changes from a honest,good doctor who wants to help people to someone who becomes obsessed with money.He is the type of character you love at first but becomes revolting.
The story was amazing and was not dragging. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a realistic book

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